• Induces moulting without causing stress
  • Facilitates proper muscle and gill column formation
  • Prevents/controls moulting related stress and mortality
  • Keeps desired moulting frequency on regular use
  • Stimulates growth and FCR
  • Prevents blue shell
  • Prevents loose shell
  • 100% free from antibiotics and banned substances

Usage & Dosage:

For inducing moulting 5-10g/kg feed in two meals of which one should be the highest consumed meal on 6th, 7th and 8th day and if necessary on the 9th day of lunar day depending on the moulting cycle.

For maintaining optimum shell condition and for preventing loose shell problem 5g/kg of feed in one meal on alternate days.

For the control of loose shell in the very initial stages 3-5g/kg of feed in all meals or as directed by your aquaculture consultant.


500g pre-printed food grade metal tins and bulk pails.