• Improves body weights in broilers and production in layers sustainably
  • Helps the birds combat stress conditions like relocation, vaccination, de-beaking, de-worming, infectious conditions, transportation, sudden changes in weather etc.,
  • Improves meat quality in broilers
  • Boosts immune response and strengthens the bird's defense system
  • Helps in conversion of dietary proteins into body proteins


Chicks: 75g/ 1000 chicks per day.

Broilers/ Layers: 100g/ 1000 birds per day with the first water of the day or 1g / 1 litre water continuously.

200g/ ton of feed on regular basis.

Double the dosage in case of breeders.

Dosage may be adjusted on the advise of your poultry nutritionist/veterinarian depending on

the flock and farm condition.


Broilers: During the entire 1st week and 3 days post each vaccination and 3-5 days during 4th week and during any stress or infectious conditions as a suppository.

Layers and Breeders: 1 week a month and 3 days post vaccination/ de-worming, de-beaking, during stress/infectious conditions, at the onset of laying and during drop in production.


 1 kg plastic food grade tins, 250g multilayer pouches and bulk pails.