• Improves quality and quantity of milk yield
  • Improves digestibility
  • Improves fertility ratio
  • Helps maintain skin coat health
  • Improves general health condition
  • Reduces the incidence of breeding complications like retained placenta/prolapses
  • Helps maintain rumen microflora
  • Helps maintain optimum reproductive cycle
  • Improves muscle and bone health
  • Improves immune response
  • Stable and effective in a wide range of pH
  • Eco friendly


3-5g/ head/ day or 400g-750g/ ton of feed depending on the concentrate inclusion rate.

Dosage needs to be tailored up to 1kg/ ton depending on the mineral requirement of the animal, concentrated feed profile etc., on the advise of a veterinarian.


5 kg multi walled food grade poly-aluminum bags and bulk pails.