• Stimulates the immune system and energy metabolism as a feed additive
  • Effectively helps the bird resist infection by pathogens in the respiratory tissues
  • SNIFFLEXTM cleans up the bronchi, preventing respiratory infections naturally on regular use
  • Improves oxygen supply throughout the body naturally
  • Prevents the occurrence of CRD and associated symptoms
  • Reduces excess mucus in the upper respiratory tract and eases breathing
  • Usage of SNIFFLEXTM does not cause stress and does not negatively affect the flock productivity
  • Enhances overall health status of the bird
  • Reduces heat stress
  • Increases feed intake, improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Improves nutrient utilization and helps the bird restore intestinal microflora
  • Improves FCR and carcass quality
  • SNIFFLEXTM is certified organic and contains no antibiotics, no hormones and no harmful substances and does not have any withdrawal period


Normal Conditions as preventive: 1 ml per 2-3L of water.

In Endemic Conditions: 0.5-1 ml per 1L of water.

In feed: 250 ml per ton of feed for commercial & 500 ml per ton of feed for Breeder.

Dosage can be adjusted depending on the flock conditions or as per the advise of a poultry nutritionist.


1 litre food grade plastic bottles and bulk pails.