• Oxidises Hydrogen sulphide and other toxic gases.
  • Improves the natural plankton in the pond thus supplementing the feed.
  • Keeps the pond bottom clean.
  • Improves feeding as feed additive.
  • Reduces mortality rates.
  • Controls the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Improves FCR.

Dosage & Usage: 

50-100g/1000m3 every 10 days or 2-5 g/kg of feed on a regular basis. Increase the dosage with heavy build-up of toxic gases. Dosage needs to be tailored on the advise of aquaculture technician based on the environmental, pond conditions, feeding and stocking density etc.

Once opened, TOSS PACK® must be used immediately.


1kg food grade plastic buckets and bulk pails.