• Imparts color to the pond
  • Prevents proliferation of harmful algae while stabilizing bloom
  • Reduces pH fluctuations
  • All probiotics used are fish specific
  • Reduces odour related problems
  • Degrades harmful organic wastes like faecal matter
  • Improves pond plankton profile
  • Controls sludge build up in the pond bottom
  • Oxidizes harmful wastes into harmless compounds
  • Reduces COD and BOD favouring the available oxygen in the pond
  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the pond


Use ULTIPRO® 2 L/ acre for every 7-15 days.

In feed: 2ml/kg of feed. Spread evenly all over the pond.  ULTIPRO® may be diluted in pond water for ease of handling and application preferably in the morning hours.


5 & 20 litres food grade plastic cans, drums and bulk pails.