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  • We have launched new products in the fish division....

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Manufacturer of Probiotics & Other Biotech Products

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We have behind us 25 years of experience, expertise, commitment, passion, research and success that always help us and drive us towards continuous innovation, new product development, incorporation of latest developments/technologies, continuous product improvement with a strong accent on customer delight, all this result in constantly keeping us relevant to the customer.

  • Integrated manufacturer of feed supplements with focus on animal health from test tube to consumer pack.

  • Complete control on process offering end to end solutions.

  • All isolates used are ¬†species specific.

  • Well established quality systems that are endorsed by customers trust for years.

  • Ongoing and extensive investment in research.

  • Strain bank with novel candidate species.

  • One of the first advocates for sustainable practices and non use of antibiotics in food chain way back from 2000

Serving the world through

Innovative, Effective and Sustainable solutions