Intron Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd


Intron Life Sciences (ILS) is a world class manufacturer of probiotics and other biotech products with a specific focus on poultry, aquaculture and other animal and habitat health along with products for various other applications like bioremediation, agriculture and human health with a commitment to excellence in quality and persistence in research.

Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions for sustainable farming in tune with nature. We take pride in our expertise in identification, evaluation, research and the commercialization of probiotics and other biotech products and endeavor to further strengthen and attain leadership position through continuous research and proactively delighting the customer.

We have behind us 23 years of experience, expertise, commitment, passion, research and success that always help us and drive us towards continuous innovation, new product development, incorporation of latest developments/technologies, continuous product improvement with a strong accent on customer delightment, all this result in constantly keeping us relevant to the customer.