Intron Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Research & Development

We are committed to persistence in research, which is a crucial part of our mission statement. We have a full fledged, independent, in house R&D centre complemented by a pilot plant with an array of biotech facilities that can handle various probiotics and biotech molecules and a team comprising of experienced microbiology and biotechnology professionals backed by external experts from various application areas.

Improvements and additions to existing product lines through identification and isolation of new strains, charcatarization, host response, furthering knowledge on probiotic action mechanism, kinetics, identification of useful synergies between probiotic strains, clear cut identification and documentation of both existing and new strains and improvements in formulation, dosing and delivery technologies. Improvements, yield enhancement of existing processes.

Identifying new application areas for probiotics and development and commercialization of suitable products for the same. Identification of useful synergies between probiotics and other natural/synthetic ingredients and development of new formulations incorporating them.

Development of new products as per customer requirements. Research, development, pilot scale production and establishing commercial production of products of logical extension in tune with our corporate vision like nutraceuticals, biotherapeutics, peptides and other emerging biotech products.