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BIOFENCETM STAGE-I is another innovation from INTRON’S R&D which is the World’s 1st TRIBIOTICTM and is a synergistic and very effective combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics developed by INTRON’S R&D as a result of years of relentless research.


  • Helps the birds establish initial gut microbiota
  • Protects against colonization of harmful and pathogenic microorganisms on the bird’s body utilizing residues from hatching eggs, instead utilizes the residues to establish a friendly, useful, probiotic microbiota
  • Helps the chicks attain better and faster gut integrity
  • Improves overall immunity status of the chicks for a great start
  • Acts as a supplemental feed and Improves digestion and FCR
  • Improves flock livability
  • Reduces the risk of disease, infections and the need for frequent medication


100g/10,000 chicks in hatchery/ during transportation/ immediately upon arrival in the farm.

Usage: Mix 100 g BIOFENCETM STAGE-I in pure, luke warm water (<40oC) to make a thick gel like orange colored solution and spray on the chicks in hatchery or in farm immediately upon arrival.

BIOFENCETM STAGE-I upon mixing water forms a gel and this can be used as supplemental feed during transportation of chicks.


 10g multilayered food grade aluminum poly sachet, 100 g food grade tins and bulk pails 

Biofence stage 1