Intron Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd


INTRAGUARD™ is a well-researched, safe and contains Phytoalkaloids specially formulated for a natural immune modulator giving all-round protection and healthy flock.


  • Enhances innate and adaptive immune response
  • Safeguards gut integrity and prevents pathogen proliferation
  • Enhances the intestinal functions and boost immunity
  • Improves feed intake during endemic conditions
  • Enhances vaccine titers
  • Improves nutrient absorption, FCR and body weight
  • Regular supplementation results in healthy flock
0.5ml per litre of water.
Broilers: First 7 days in the first water of the day.
In Feed: 250ml per ton of feed for commercial & 500ml per ton of feed for Breeders.
Dosage can be adjusted depending on the flock conditions or as per the advice of a poultry veterinarian.
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.