• Effective as a supplemental feed for the shrimp
  • Optimises pond water transparency and thickness
  • Controls the build-up of obnoxious gases in the pond and reduces fouling
  • Positively effects the pond water colour
  • Stabilises pH and DO levels in the pond
  • Stimulates floc granule formation – a natural food for shrimp
  • Excellent aid for biofloc formation
  • Stable formulation with effective shelf life
  • This novel concept helps reduce the use of single use plastic by more than 95% helping the environment

Dosage & Usage: 

In feed: 5ml/kg of feed

Soil ponds (Bottom cleansing): 0.5-1L/ 2000 m3, once 7-10 days

Liner pond (Liner slime cleansing): 2L / 2000 m3, once 5-7 days

Dosage can be altered on the advise of an aquaculture technician depending on the pond condition.

Note: In certain cases, the thin gel pack may bulge and this result of improper storage or transportation. However, this does not effect the product effectiveness.


Each pack of Maaveric-PS Dry contains 2 individual 200 gram packs (1 pack containing powder and 1 pack containing thin gel) inside. Mix both the packets in 5 litres chlorine/other sanitizer free water to make 5 litres of PS liquid and use normally. No brewing required.