Intron Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd


SANGUARD® AQUA is a natural biosecurity enhancer that works in a synergistic combination and is effective against bacterial & viral outbreaks and keeps the shrimp and fish healthy. As a feed supplement, improves immunity, overall health and relieves environmental stress.


  • Boost the shrimp/ fish immunity as a feed additive
  • Protects from pathogens especially Vibrio sp
  • Controls bacterial, fungal, protozoan and other pathogenic loads in pond
  • Maintains quality of feed, water and pond eco-system
  • Do not cause stress and optimize moulting frequency
  • Helps shrimp grow in a healthy environment reducing mortality rates
  • Natural, safe, biodegradable and free from chemical residues


In Feed: 1L per kg of feed.

In Pond: 1L per 1000m to be applied in pre-stocking or as a preventive measure in endemic areas or on the onset of initial symptoms (preliminary stage) for effective control or as advised by the aquaculture technician.


1 Liter  and bulk pails.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.