• Improves growth, production, fertility, hatchability and chick quality
  • Provides skeletal integrity and aids in muscle development
  • Prevents footpad lesions
  • Improves eggshell quality
  • Ensures uniform flock and productivity
  • Improves immune response
  • Stable and effective in wide range of gut pH
  • Improves FCR
  • Improves cellular and humoral immunity
  • Provides the essential micro mineral supplementation
  • Minerals in highly bio available form thus ensuring maximum assimilation
  • Improves egg quality in layers & breeders, meat quality and processing yields in broilers
  • Environment friendly and does not cause eutrophication


Broilers/ Layers: 500g per ton of feed.

Breeders: 1 kg per ton of feed.

As a performance booster: Add 250g per ton of feed (as top dressing)

Note: Dosage needs to be tailored based on the feed formulation/ flock specific requirement on the advise of a poultry nutritionist.


5kg food grade multilayer poly packs and bulk pails.