• Heat stable
  • Provides complete biosecurity
  • Effective against thermophilic bacteria too
  • Does not react with metal surfaces to form harmful compounds
  • Avoid bacterial, viral, fungal problems and huge losses
  • Profitable cattle and high liveability

Dosage & Usage: 

For foggers: 3-5 ml/ 20 Litres of water.

For aerial spray: 5 ml/10 Litres of water.

For equipment: 3-5 ml/ Litre of water.

Teat dip/udder wash, cleaning of hands: 5 ml/ Litre of water.

Drinking water: 2-3 ml/ 10-20 Litres of water depending on the water quality.

In feed: 1 ml per kg of feed or as advised by the veterinarian/nutritionist.

CIP circulation: 3-5 ml per litre of water.

SANGUARD®-R can be safely added during hot water circulation and is heat stable. Dosage may be adjusted as per the biosecurity requirement or double the dosage during endemic conditions.


1L, 5L 20L and 25L food grade plastic cans and bulk pails.