• Takes total care of all aspects of general pond management
  • Highly stable and active lyophilized product
  • Optimizes plankton levels thus supplementing the feed in the pond
  • Direct application, no cumbersome process of brewing
  • Reduces BOD & COD and improves available oxygen
  • Keeps pond water and pond bottom clean by degrading organic waste
  • Controls pathogenic bacteria like Vibrio in the pond water by natural competitive exclusion
  • Acts as feed supplement by improving the floc in the pond
  • Improves growth rates, survival and yields
  • Reduces stress
  • Free from antibiotics and banned substances
  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable

Dosage & Usage:

For pond preparation: 100g/1000m3 around 2-3 days prior to stocking.

For regular use: 50-100g/1000m3 for every 7-10 days during the entire culture period, can be used 2g/kg feed as a feed additive.

Consult aquaculture technician for specific usage requirement.

Once opened, TOSS PACK® must be used immediately.


500g food grade plastic buckets and bulk pails.