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Lyophilised product



  • Improves survival rate, conversion rates and biomass.
  • Controls pathogenic bacteria by competitive exclusion.
  • Regular application of TOTAL®-H introduces and maintains beneficial bacteria thus excluding the pathogenic bacteria in larval rearing systems.
  • Improves water quality by reducing ammonia and nitrite levels.
  • Suitable for application in all stages, maturation tanks, water storage tanks, artemia tanks, spawning tanks etc., even in drains and floor splash applications.
  • Degrades a wide variety of wastes produced in larval rearing systems, Stimulates the immune system of the brood stock and the larva.
  • Scavenges the tanks to a great extent of bacterial toxins produced upon regular application.


TOTAL®-H is applied 1g per every 10kl water daily in all stages. 5g per 1 kg of feed and also add 5g per 1kl of water used as floor splash and in drains too in order to maintain the microbial ecosystem and minimize chances of contamination through various vectors.

Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions, specialist for specific usage and directions of your aquaculture technician/ consultant.


500g food grade plastic buckets and bulk pails.